South India Pilgrimage 
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journey to three sacred spaces...

Into the Heart of the Holy City



A dream of Kerala 


Auroville & Pondicherry 

traverse into the year 2022 with intention & adventure...

In the new year of 2022, you are invited to connect with a heartfelt journey that is as much about the 'inward journey' as the outward one.


By joining us on this unique traveling retreat pilgrimage throughout South India, you are stepping into the care and comforts of experienced Guides and Protectors.


Both of your guides have a unique and deep resonance with India. To the vibrations and rhythms of the South and these three sacred locations. Their shared knowledge and experience invokes both the magic within for personal transformation and to open one's heart to see the magic within the temples, mountains, caves, ashrams, in the hidden treasures of sacred art & nature. Bruno & Shelley weave ancient teachings and practices into modern, fresh perspectives, drawn from the threads of their own experiences and studentship with masters in the West and in India.

We will start right into the cave of the Heart. A sacred place where the 'Fire Lingam of Shiva' (Cosmic Consciousness ) is found in the main Temple at the feet of the Holy Mount. Arunachala. This often hidden and rare opportunity to pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai is known to open one's eyes to a different way of seeing life, feasting on the many temples and full moon legends, discovering the history of Honoured Guru's, Myths and experiences of the divine flowing in ways seemingly imaginable. We will stay in some of the most blessed ashrams and end in the fascinating intentional community of Auroville. Daily practices will very given the practices offered by each ashram or temple we explore. Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practices will be freely available when time allows.  There will be opportunities to swim in the ocean, surf, experience Ayurveda treatments, hike Mount Arunachala, enjoy South Indian cuisine, and visit sacred places as well as plenty of time and support for self-reflection and introspection. Through it all, we will taste..fully the experiences that are presented to us and learn, in and through the body, what it means to be guided by the heart. 



A small, holy mountain town in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tiruvannamalai is one of India's spiritual epicentres. Practitioners from all corners of spiritual practice meet here at the base of Mountain Arunachala - the Siva mountain, to retreat and pay homage at the many temples and ashrams nearby.



Anandashram is a spiritual retreat located in Kanhangad, a city and a municipality in Kasaragod district in the Indian state of Kerala. Anandashram was founded by Swami Ramdas and Mother Krishnabai, also called Papa Ramdas and Pujya


A fascinating look at the French colonial influence in India. This contemporary Indian city is host to wonderful restaurants, cafes, and artistic expression. The experimental township of Auroville is a living example of an intentional community working together to reach human unity. 


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All meals are included. Yoga practices & private consultations included.

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