24 September
to 10 April 2022

4 online yoga classes (public)
weekly mentorship (private)

We meet every other weekend

Sat & Sun 7am-1pm (pst)

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300-Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training
online w/zoom 


Shelley is an internationally recognized teacher trainer. With over 20 years experience, the 300-hour Yoga Alliance-approved* curriculum is designed to enhance and master your unique voice and yoga offerings. Anatomy expert & yoga teacher, Dr. Claire Roberts, joins in to teach therapeutic applications for injuries and illness. The Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga, Iyengar Yoga  & Ashtanga transitions are elevated into a Hatha Vinyasa method which is always evolving.  Mythology and the importance of storytelling is woven profoundly throughout the training.  Intelligent crafting in sequencing and class planning is progressive in nature and mixes in both the art and science of yoga.  


Among the very best of training programs available, Shelley provides high standards especially in the domain of "practice teaching experience" and integrating the knowledge with support and impeccability.  Until it is safe to gather in person, students are finding great success and have reported they enjoy the flexibility of at-home learning. Prana, life force energy is universal and moves beyond and through technology as a means of connection and celebration of life.


Students are provided with personal mentorship, support and downloadable written materials to bridge the in-between time and optimize their learning. Three on-line public classes a week are included and there is a lot to learn as students can participate, observe and grow to assist the classes online with Shelley.

This 300-Hr Teacher Training synthesizes the most current artistic forms of yoga in the West with an appreciation of the roots of yoga within the Eastern traditions. Powerfully transformational on a personal level, this training builds an instrumental foundation of a harmonious alignment within. Understanding the application of advanced cueing of the asanas, sequencing and class design with skillful hands on assisting. You will successfully learn how to teach confidently a strong Hatha Vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, power and flow classes. You will understand clearly how yoga, the breath and meditation are engaged within your own subtle body-mind and emotional center and how to access your innate powers of transformation and teach from your own experiences. Tantra yoga is the underlying web which weaves through this training to bring a natural spontaneous creatrix to loving life, creating inner balance and wellness. Exceptional guest yoga teacher, Dr. Claire Roberts, will instruct the 'yoga anatomy' section. Yoga Alliance Certified.

What graduates have said about Shelley's online Teacher Training experiences:

"As a fitness educator and former nurse, I have actively taught yoga for several years. However, I wanted
to add more depth to my yoga teachings and took on an extensive search looking for the perfect
teacher. I consulted the internet, friends and local yoga mentors. My search ended when I met Shelley via Zoom.
A pandemic brings with it much uncertainty including the prospect of online yoga certification. I was
needlessly concerned as Shelley put me at ease immediately. Shelley’s extensive practitioner resume
speaks for itself, but the experience of her teacher training and mentoring offered me so much more
than I had anticipated. Honest, open hearted access, one on one mentoring, small class size,
accountability and genuine learning resulted in a deep understanding of the yoga principles and it’s
applications on and off the mat. I also found I achieved some physical relief from chronic back pain
which has been resistant to traditional methods of healing (massage, physiotherapy, etc).
Shelley takes a genuine intersect in her students. The relationship that emerges is one of authenticity,
care and kindness. Her high standard for teaching is apparent and resonates throughout.
The online training more than prepared me as I move forward in my yoga journey and in life. I would
highly recommend if you are searching, as I was, search no more."

Dawn Balic, BScN, CFES Educator

Kelowna BC


"Shelley’s 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training has been a dynamic experience. As a Yoga teacher and student, the content and practical work has added a rich dimension to my teaching and personal practice.

Each module offered thematic discussion, tools, resources and practices which have helped me to expand personally and professionally.  The one-on-one mentorships were a bonus as we could elaborate on specific topics, discuss ideas and get a fresh perspective for our projects. 

Shelley’s warmth, knowledge, and passion is clearly evident. She is very encouraging, supportive and experienced. 

I would definitely recommend taking an online training with Shelley. Her course has helped me to deepen my practice and has inspired me to further my studies." 

Naomi Gourlay, Founder of CowGirl Yoga

Smithers BC 



"Stepping into a practice with Shelley has always been a transformative experience. Her sequencing, cues and her knowledge of yoga is comprehensive and unique. I still find myself in poses that I have never been in after 15 years of practice when I am under her guidance. 

I have thought about participating in a Yoga Teacher Training for many years. One of the barriers to enrolling was the block of time necessary to commit to a destination training or even local trainings. Having the ability to do the training online part-time has allowed for me to complete the training with a ton of flexibility as I was able to travel on the weekends, complete my training and still have a large portion of my day open on the weekends. 

If you are looking to begin the journey into yoga, I highly recommend this as the place to start. Shelley’s ability to seamlessly teach yoga on and off the mat was the exactly the experience I was looking for to deepen my practice." 

v i v i e n  h s i u n g, Acupuncturist & Yoga Instructor

Vancouver, BC




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